Women’s Aid – Case Study

Case Study

Women’s Aid

“As a charity, we have a responsibility to all our donors to make the very best use of their money. We could not be happier with the support we received from Holistic Financial Group, which has allowed us to transition to a more affordable and accessible cloud-based operation.”

Women’s Aid advocate, campaign and educate to protect victims of domestic abuse in the UK. When they decided it was time to upgrade their Finance Team to the cloud, we were there to help.

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The Women’s Aid Federation believe that everyone has the human right to live in safety and free from violence and abuse. They work to improve society’s response to domestic abuse to ensure that every survivor gets the support they need, whoever and whenever they ask for help.

When they asked for our expertise to help them modernise and streamline their financial systems, at the Holistic Financial Group we knew that we could make a real difference, not only by offering better value to their donors by saving Women’s Aid money on software costs, but also by reducing the workload on their hard-working Finance team by streamlining and automating their workflow.

What were the challenges?

Our biggest challenge was to win over those in the business who had grown comfortable with the legacy system. Although their methods worked, the work was still very manual which created pinch points and piled pressure on the Finance team, especially at the end of the month. We knew that Xero would cope beautifully with the accounting requirements, but we spent some time searching the market for the perfect 3rd party software to allow Women’s Aid to automate and accelerate their purchase order approval and workflows, freeing up hours of time each month as well as ensuring transparency and accountability within the organisation. When we found ApprovalMax we knew this would be the perfect fit.

How we helped

At Holistic Financial Group we don’t just look at the numbers, we want to learn all about your business – your staff, your customers and your values – so that we can come up with the very best solution for you. The team at Women’s Aid were giving their all in pursuit of their mission, but were hampered by a set of legacy financial management systems and outdated Sage software. We sat down with the team to examine their current operations and pinpoint where they could streamline the work and cut software costs, coming up with a package that would save them over £600 per month.

The results, return on
investment and future plans

The team at Women’s Aid invested in a commitment to Xero and ApprovalMax which opened up a paperless workflow, fostered seamless remote working and, at the end of the day, saved the charity money. At HFG we found it very fulfilling to be able to help this charity which supports so many every day.

“Our internal processes are now so much easier to manage. It’s reduced our stress and we are already saving time and money” – Women’s Aid

“Saving our clients’ money is what we are here to do, working with Women’s Aid showed us that systematic updating technology is a true way of increasing cashflow!” – Holistic Financial Group

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