Wight Bear – Case Study

Case Study

Wight Bear

“Our inventory management is much easier now because we use Unleashed and Vend to synchronise our sales with the inventory we have – in real-time!”

The Wight Bear is a Southbourne staple, with seats for 36 lucky customers it offers great beer and a hub for locals to enjoy a drink, live jazz and good conversation. With the introduction of lockdown restrictions, the cloud-based point of sale and stock systems we had set up allowed them to move quickly: introducing an online store and allowing customers to enjoy their ales from home.

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Wight Bear got in touch because they wanted a new till system that could help them track their sales and keep on top of their stock.

We introduced them to Vend to help them take a modern approach to managing sales –loading the software onto an iPad so that they were not able to take, fill and transfer orders all in the palm of their hands. Handy when you’re short on space.

When lockdown hit, Wight Bear went online. With Vend already set up Wight Bear could easily track and manage on-premise transactions and online sales, whilst the Unleashed and Vend integration took care of inventory, ecommerce and customer relationships.

What were the challenges?

We can all agree that that 2020 has been a challenge for all our clients. For Wight Bear, the biggest challenge was to adapt quickly to launch an ecommerce solution to allow them to offer takeaway and delivery, but also be ready to welcome the customers back at the end of lockdown.

How we helped

Our job was to provide an agile solution to their outdated till system to meet their business needs as an ecommerce operator. We analysed their product line and customer equirements to set up Vend as their point of sale and then integrated it with Unleashed to manage inventory.

None of us could have foreseen at the time what was coming, but with the products all in Vend and the integration between Vend as a point of sale and Unleashed handling the stock, Wight Bear were well placed to jump to online sales as soon as the lockdown started, allowing them to keep trading.

The results, return on
investment and future plans

Wight Bear now benefits from a fully integrated digital operations management system with the collaboration of Unleashed and Vend, allowing them to manage their inventory and sales quickly and easily both in the pub and their online shop.

“It’s fantastic to be able to run our business using Vend and Unleashed and having all the information in the cloud made the introduction of the online store so much easier” – The Wight Bear

“With online shopping having drastically increased over 2020, we are delighted that the systems we introduced were able to help The Wight Bear weather the storm” – The Holistic Financial Group

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