Online Skincare Company – Case Study

Case Study

Online Skincare Company

“Taming Magento and Unleashed”

Online Skincare Sales Smoothed and Refined

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A premium skincare company (based in Florida, USA) found us via Unleashed – the inventory management software – with a problem to solve integrating their ecommerce sales and new stock management. They were running their online retail store on the Magento platform (v1.9). We oversaw the integration of this platform with Unleashed, transferring all their stock information from spreadsheets into Unleashed, delivering remote training to their team and being there for their go live day.

But we didn’t stop there: this client wanted to upgrade their Magento to 2.0, to automate data flow with their 3rd Party Logistics Provider and to create an overarching solution that integrated Magento, Unleashed and Boomi. This is the kind of project we live for, and we delivered.

What were the challenges?

Magento and Unleashed are both successful market leading software solutions: Magento is a high-volume ecommerce platform, built for major project and serious sales. Unleashed is powerful stock software that we have worked with for around seven years. The challenge for this client was to integrate these two systems to create a robust and scalable system that worked for them, and at HFG we had the skills and, crucially, the experience to get it done.

With over 300 product lines, the client asked us to integrate their online store with the Unleashed stock software.

How we helped

We started by making a staging (test) system available to their developers and implementation project team which would allow them to test out Magento functionality and its impact on Unleashed.

Because we love finding the most efficient way to do anything, we worked with their 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL) to automate the data flow of shipping details and delivery tracking codes from Unleashed to the 3PL and back again.

Once the client was happy with the integration and the online store went live, we moved onto Phase Two of the project. This was based on the Magento 2.0 platform which was not natively supported by Unleashed at the time.

We implemented an immediate solution using a 3rd party platform to integrate the two and then worked with the team in Florida to craft a bespoke system which incorporated Dell’s Boomi enterprise level integration solution to take full advantage of the functionality available in Magento and Unleashed.

The results, return on
investment and future plans

Instead of running two stores with separate stock systems, the company now runs Magento 2.0 with one product catalogue that serves both the US and UK market. This store is constantly updated with Stock on Hand values from Unleashed ensuring that stock levels are up to date and customers can no longer order items that are out of stock.

The integration of the shipping details data flow means that the sales process from customer to shipping has been fully automated resulting in savings of both cost and time.

“It was a lot of work, but we’re delighted with the results and are already seeing the benefit of this upgrade, we really appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes from the Holistic Financial Group that made this happen.”

“It’s always a joy when we get to experiment to create a working system, particularly when it works!” – the Holistic Financial Group

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