Future Noise – Case Study

Case Study

Future Noise

“HFG was like music to our ears. Their expertise helped us stay on track
with all of our finances and improved our planning methodologies.”

Future Noise is a known for planning some of the best electronic music festivals in the UK, particularly, Gottwood. You’re probably wondering
what we could possibly be doing when working with EDM event organisers? Well, while they raise the noise levels
of their parties, we raised the bar to take their financial planning to the top.

Supporting your business
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As an event company, financial admin and planning is likely not to be at the top of the “to-do” list. Future Noise came to us during their planning and needed advice on how to disseminate budgetary responsibility among their various teams. This would essentially help them get a better grasp on who’s responsible for what. Ultimately, our job was to ensure that each team player was aware of budgets and carried out their tasks accordingly.

What were the challenges?

The team did not have a budget plan in place and as a result they did not have any consistent planning in place to ensure that all of their financial deliverables were met.

How we helped

HFG stepped in at just the right time to help the team at Future Noise sort through and understand where they could improve their budgetary matters. What they did was not wrong (they’ve been at it for a while now) but reaching out to us helped them optimise this process, using ApprovalMax to allow budget holders to spend within their budgetary responsibilities and stay on top of all the things that mattered when planning these events.

The results, return on
investment and future plans

Future Noise’s financial management is no longer a thorn in their side. We’ve introduced some easy-to-use methods to ensure that every “future” event is as good as the previous one. Every team member can now operate with confidence knowing exactly what they’re accountable for and what is expected of them. All that we have to say is… let the music play!

“As humans in general we all have to admit that we falter a bit when it comes down to budgeting. It’s not always easy to manage a budget, it requires practice. That is something that we’ve managed to master with the assistance of Holistic Financial Group.”

“EDM festivals are a regular occurrence and we’d hate to have it stop because of some silly mishaps in managing the most important part of the event –
the financials.”

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